[Sticky] Get fines paid $500 and under  

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GOAL: Free 50 inmates with fines of $500 or less this year!

We have a goal to free 50 inmates with fines of $500 or less in 2019. These are usually petty crimes like possession of small amounts of marijuana or public drunkenness, etc. That means we need to raise $25,000 in 6 months which is a little over $4,000 a month or 8 wo/men a month.

Currently we are looking to align with a non-profit to co-manage fundraising in a transparent and fully accountable manner. Stay tuned and post your inmates full name and amount owed in fines. The prisoner must be convicted with no other pending matter before the court.


  • Inmate first name
  • Fines total
  • DO NOT put charges - these are private and we will follow up to be sure they are minimal

We will actually go down and pay the fine so there will be plenty of follow up once you are selected. You must have a profile and login to post the info and this is how we will connect with you in the future. Be sure to have your forum profile filled out enough to make contact and check your email!