Who We Are


We Made This Site for You

There is no I in we – and we started as two business partners who were caught off guard and immersed into the judicial system and have grown to an entire group.

I was back in America sourcing tools for an invention we were perfecting. The office was ready for painting. The clients were lined up for two of the sectors in which we chose to endeavor – then I get a call. My partner in Trinidad was arrested. The details were far from clear and it was third party information. What I did understand was that we were in for a long and arduous process that was painful – for my partner’s mental and physical health and for our business that went from budding to languishing.

Much of what drives this site is what I, the person on the outside, and he from the perspective on the inside, were able to identify as needs that we could support. Simply having enough information on the dress code, the actual time you must arrive to get in at a decent time, the fact that there is no contact during the visit – just a cold phone and a thick pane of glass (or two) could save time, money and stress to a first time visitor. Understanding what the needs are and the low hanging challenges that we could tackle that you would only know from being on the inside.

That was the seed that we hope turns into a flourishing community of support and activism.


Mission & Vision Statement



Assist families, friends and inmates bridge the gap between home and prison.


Working with all who are willing, provide sustenance, support and non-judgmental assistance to families and friends struggling to make it in the absence of a loved one in prison.

  • Provide online resources that give information beyond what is currently available or accessible via official sources
  • Coordinate efforts to deliver donated resources
  • Assist in identifying issues within the community that can be highlighted and brought to the forefront